Willing2Share (W2S) exists to provide temporary, modest financial assistance to people in need. This assistance can take the form of, among other things, paying a utility bill, assisting with home and car repairs, or purchasing school supplies, clothes, a used vehicle, and other necessities.


All requests for assistance begin with completing an application. Once the application is submitted, someone from W2S will contact the requesting party to request additional information. From there, the Board of Directors will consider the request and render a decision. If a decision is made to provide assistance, W2S will make direct payment to the vendor, company or organization for the services or goods needed.


W2S desires to demonstrate the unselfish love and overwhelming generosity of the God of the universe. To this end, the charity will also consider supporting Gospel outreach activities and missionary work. In all things, we seek to give glory to God.


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. — Hebrews 13:8