Here Are 12 Ways to Praise God

12 ways to praise GodLet everything that has breath praise the Lord. ~ Psalms 150:6

We are commanded to praise God. It is why we were created. So then, praising God is something we should do continually – like breathing. When we praise God, we are testifying to the world of His glory, His worthiness, His greatness, His all sufficiency, His sovereignty, His might, His love. When we don’t, we aren’t. Let us seriously consider then how we live and how we love.

Here are but 12 ways to praise God:

  1. Acknowledge His name before men.
  2. Rejoice in His goodness.
  3. Shout to the heavens of all He has done.
  4. Sing of His righteousness.
  5. Run to Him. Take refuge in Him.
  6. Trust Him. Take Him at His Word.
  7. Rely on Him always and for everything.
  8. Obey Him. Do what He says.
  9. Confess your sins to Him. Repent of them.
  10. Surrender everything to Him. Everything.
  11. Spend time with Him. Pray to Him. Read His Word.
  12. Delight in Him. Always.
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