12 Ways Your Donations Have Made An Impact

Presenting the Gospel of Jesus – One Physical Need at a Time

12 ways donations make an impact

12 ways your donations have made an impact:

  1. Purchased school supplies for poor children.
  2. Provided used cars for families in need.
  3. Facilitated rescue for girls trapped in prostitution.
  4. Bought clothes for poor women and children.
  5. Supplied Bibles and other Christ-centered resources to both believers and nonbelievers.
  6. Facilitated fund raising for missionaries.
  7. Provided newborn baby supplies to mothers in crisis.
  8. Prevented eviction for a family in distress.
  9. Completed bathroom renovations for a family battling cancer.
  10. Bought shoes for children in need.
  11. Gave Christmas presents to poor children.
  12. Presented the Gospel to every person who has received a gift from W2S.
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