Black and White and Red All Over

let the word of God transform youHow can 66 books, written by 40 different people, over thousands of years, be perfect and consistent throughout?   Because the God of the universe, creator of everything, who spoke it all into being, the source of all wisdom and knowledge, wrote it, that’s how.   Incredible, yes?  Yes.  So, since God, holy and righteous, the Ancient of Days, has condescended to reveal Himself to us, told us who He is, what He is like, what He has done and promises to do, what He expects, how we should live, how to please him, how to know Him, and how to spend now and forever with him, do you think we ought to be reading it?  Be stupid not to.

Reading the Bible can be challenging.   The first few times I read it, I barely understood much of what I was reading but I was determined to keep reading it, over and over again.  Why?  Because God wrote it.  If you receive a letter from someone you love, a letter professing their love and affections for you, you would read it cover to cover every single day and never tire of reading it.  If we profess to love Him then how much more should we desire to read His letter to us?   I promise you, if you make a habit of reading the Bible every day, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal Himself to you, you will see and learn and understand more and more every time you read it.  You will never ever tire of reading His Word.  Seriously, God has given us His Word.   You think it would be a great read?  Yes, yes it is.  Make it your goal to read the Bible every day.  Read it with expectancy and excitement.  Prepare to be amazed by His Glory, by what He has done and what He has promised.   And when you get to the parts that seem like drudgery, the parts that don’t seem to have anything at all to do with you, read it anyway.  Why?  Because God wrote it.  If God said it, it must be important.

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