Delight Yourself in the Lord

delight yourself in the lordDelight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. ~Psalms 37:4

Delighting ourselves in the Lord simply means to be totally dependent and completely satisfied with Him. If we delight in God, seeking always to be with Him, to look at Him, to learn more about Him, to depend more on Him, to love Him, then He will give us what our hearts desire. So who is God and why should we delight in Him?

  • THE sovereign over all. There is no one above Him. He is King and Lord over all creation. He has absolute authority over all of creation, over everyone and everything, over every situation, over every circumstance. God’s rule is universal, His power is unlimited, and everything is under His direction and control to do with as He pleases.
  • THE creator. Everything that is, He created out of nothing. From His imagination, and in great power, He spoke and everything that is came into being.
  • THE source of all good things.

o   Love

o   Light

o   The heavens

o   The Earth

o   Life

o   Truth

o   Knowledge

o   Righteousness

o   Wisdom

o   Strength

o   Power

o   Wealth

o   Joy

o   Beauty

o   Hope

o   Victory

o   Salvation

  • THE sustainer of everyone and everything. He maintains and upholds everything. He is the giver of life. He is the Bread and Fountain of life.
  • THE living God. He is not a statue made of stone or wood or metal. He hears, He sees, He knows, and He acts. There is no escaping Him and there is nothing hidden from Him.
  • The ONLY God. Everything else is less. Everything. He is the God most high.
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