Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.  (Psalm 37:4)

  1. What does it mean to delight in the Lord?  It means to find pleasure, satisfaction and happiness in the Lord, in His character, His will, and His ways.
  2. How is that manifested in our lives?  By spending time getting to know Him.
  3. How can we do that?  We read His Word.
  4. If we delight in Him, if we find happiness in Him, then He will be the desire of our heart.  If He is the desire of our heart, what does this verse mean?  What will God give those who delight in the Lord?  He will surely give us more of Himself.  What greater treasure is there?
  5. If we love God more than anything or anyone, if God has revealed Himself and His commands to us in His Word, if by knowing His Word we can know the mind of God, we can know His character, His Ways, and if following His Word makes good practical sense, and if delighting ourselves in God – in His Word – will mean greater blessings in our life, then why oh why aren’t we reading his word every single day?

Believer, set your heart and mind to reading God’s Word every day.  Ask Him to help you understand His Word and to delight in it.   He will certainly do it, that’s a fact.


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