fearThere are two types of fear we experience – fear of God and fear of everything else.  Fear of God is reverential.  It is profitable.  It is beneficial.  It leads to wisdom and understanding.  (Psalms 111:10)  But what about fear in this realm?  Fear of the things of this world can be physically and emotionally debilitating. Fear is a thief.  It is a liar.

When we fear man or our circumstances, we are telling the world what we think about our God.  We scream with our fear that our God is not aware of our situation.  He doesn’t care about us.  He is not willing to intervene. He is not capable. He is busy helping somebody else. He is not the God of the universe. He is not sufficient. He is not our strength. He is not our treasure.

Since we, the redeemed, are His witnesses in this world, shouldn’t we be telling the truth? Shouldn’t we be telling the world that He is everything, in every situation, in every season?  That He is the all-powerful sovereign Lord who reigns everywhere, all the time? That His storehouses are always overflowing, never depleting? That He loves us to death? When life is difficult, when our circumstances are dire, when our situation is impossible, we have an incredible platform from which to shout to the world that our God is glorious. When trouble comes, what will we do? What will you do?

The world is watching. Watch what you say.

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