God Almighty

God AlmightyOur English Bibles translate the title El Shaddai as God Almighty.  It is used for the first time in Genesis 17:1.  God appeared to Abram and revealed Himself as El Shaddai, God Almighty, differentiating Himself from the gods of the day, who were no gods at all.   In Old Testament times, the word El was a common term used for any god.   By referring to Himself as El Shaddai, God is telling Abram that He is the only true God.   In the very next verse, God makes a promise to Abram.  He promises to multiply him exceedingly.  God made this promise to a man who was childless, whose wife was barren, at a time when Abram and his wife were well advanced in age and were no longer able to have children.  Sarah’s womb was dead.  But Abram believed God, believed that He would do and could do exactly what He has promised to do.  His faith was credited to him as righteousness.    A man who himself was an idol worshipper was, from that moment, made righteous by God.  He received the gift of righteousness because he believed God, put his faith in God to do for him everything He said He would.  He believed God would supply all that was needed to do that which was humanly impossible.

Do we, like Abram, believe God?  Do we trust Him to supply our every need?  Do we believe He is able?  All sufficient?  All powerful?  Faithful?    Does He speak and then not act? Does He promise and not fulfill?  Let’s live and love and give as if we believe that every single Word of God, every single promise, is absolutely true.

  1. Only God is strong enough to supply everything we need.  He is the Mighty One.
  2. Only God is able to provide for our needs.  His store houses are never depleted.  He is the creator of all things.
  3. Only God can satisfy.  He is all knowing, He knows what we need.
  4. Only God can and will nourish His people.  He delights in giving good gifts to His children.
  5. Only God can sustain us.  He is all powerful.
  6. Only God can satisfy.  His gifts are perfect.

God is pleased to give His children good gifts.  Rejoice.

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