God is Holy

God is HolyGod is holy. He is perfect. He is set apart. He is without blemish. He is intrinsically good, intrinsically kind, intrinsically wise, intrinsically just, intrinsically perfect in every way. We are intrinsically bad, selfish, foolish hateful, and quarrelsome. From the very beginning, we have been disobedient. We replaced Him with gods of our own making. We are at war with our Creator because we worship ourselves and the things that make us feel just alright. God, being just, cannot overlook our sin. He cannot let our sin go unpunished. We have rejected God, rejected His commands, rejected His love, rejected His supremacy, and settled for less, chosen death, rejected life. In sinning against a holy God, we have chosen death. We have chosen an eternity of indescribable pain and anguish, an existence completely void of anything good, completely and utterly separated from God, forever. When we have suffered 10,000 years, we will have no fewer days left to suffer agony.  There will be no relief, ever, not for one moment, for all eternity.  We can never ever atone for our sin.  We have no hope in ourselves.  We cannot fix this problem. Even on our very best day, our most unselfish act of kindness is like a dirty rag when compared to His righteousness.  And His righteousness is the standard.  We cannot measure up.

 But God, desiring for us to know Him, experience Him, enjoy Him, love Him, spend forever with Him, did for us what we could not do ourselves. In a tremendous, extravagant, exquisite act of love and mercy, He offered up Himself to pay the price for our sins. Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, God, set aside His power and His majesty and stepped down from His throne high above all creation and became a man. Why? To rescue a people for Himself, to save them from a fate far worse than death, to pay the price for their sins, to satisfy the wrath of God so that they may know Him and spend forever with Him.  Because only God can satisfy the wrath of God, all the punishment we deserve was laid on Him.  He was rejected, ridiculed, savagely beaten and tortured, and murdered by the very people He came to rescue from the gates of hell.

 But the grave could not hold Him, death could not have Him.  On the third day, he rose from the grave in victory, rolled back the stone, ascended into heaven, and took His seat on His throne.  He reigns.  He is King.  He is Lord.  He is God.  And for everyone who rejects their sin, calls on His name, asks for forgiveness, and surrenders to His Lordship, He will grant eternal life.  And not only that, He will transform your life now, He will enter in to your heart and change the way you think, change the way you see things, change your desires. He will give you life.  He will become for you everything. He will satisfy you. He will loose the chains that bind you. He will remove your burdens.  He will rescue you. He will give you peace. The time for salvation is now. What on earth are you waiting for?

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