Need to be Needy

Need to Be Needy
Seven ways asking for help glorifies God:

  1. When we ask for help, we acknowledge that we can nothing on our own.  We are completely and utterly dependent on God, for everything.  He is our all in all.
  2. God has promised to be our master.  He has taken responsibly for our welfare and well-being.   When we ask for help, we testify that God’s promises are true.
  3. When we ask for help we acknowledge that He is sovereign.  Not only has He promised to provide for us, He is capable of coming through on that promise.
  4. Everything belongs to God.  Everything.  Asking for help tells the world that He exercises control over all things.  God is not only willing and able to provide us with everything we need, He alone HAS everything that we need.
  5. Asking for help allows others to demonstrate the generosity of God.  God’s people are free to give generously because God has freely given all things to them.
  6. Asking for help is an act of faith.  We ask because we know He hears us, He cares for us, and is near to us.
  7. Asking for help is an act of obedience.  God commands us to ask Him for help.  When we obey God we testify that He is exactly who He said He is and that He will do and has already done  everything He said He would do.
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