Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

who do you think you're talking to?In Matthew 6:9-13, Jesus, God, has given us a model prayer.  There is no one who ever walked the earth who had a better, more effectual, God honoring prayer life than Jesus.   Jesus, being God Himself, being one with the Father, knew who He was praying to.  Jesus, laying aside His Glory in obedience to the Father, knew the Father’s will was perfect, in every way.  Jesus, being perfect in every way, without sin, without blemish, knew the power of sin in our lives.   Who better, then, to teach us how to pray?  But we must be very careful that we do not recite these words from rote memory without giving full consideration to what it is we are saying.  To do so would be to pray like the hypocrites, reciting vain repetitions, heaping up empty phrases, thinking we will be heard for our many words.   Jesus suffered unimaginable pain and agony so that we could have the privilege of coming before the throne of a holy God and throwing ourselves at His mercy.  Keep these things in mind when you pray and may these truths increase your resolve to pray unceasingly.

  1. Praying to God is personal and intimate.  He hears you. He is your father.
  2. God listens to your prayer from His throne high above all creation.  It must be important to Him.
  3. God is holy.  He is to be revered.  His name is to be honored.
  4. God alone is THE sovereign over all things all the time.
  5. His will is perfect, in every way.
  6. His will cannot be thwarted.   His purposes cannot be frustrated.  None can stay His hand.
  7. ALL of creation is utterly and completely dependent on God for EVERYTHING.  We are at His mercy.
  8. We are powerless, helpless and hopeless against the enemy, the world, and our flesh without Him.

I thank You that You are my Father, that I have a relationship with You, that You listen to me.  Although You reign over all things from high atop all creation, You bend down from your throne on high and listen to my prayers.  You are the creator of all things, God on high, the author and finisher of all things.  You are holy. Help me to honor You in everything, always.  I long for the day when all things are restored and all creation lives in perfect harmony with You.  In the meantime, help me to live my life in increasing obedience to Your good, perfect and pleasing will.  Not as one who acquiesces to the inevitable but as one whose heart’s desire is that Your will be done.   Have Your way with me.  Have Your way in the lives of your people.  Have Your way in the world.  You are my all in all, You are my portion forever.  Help me to feed on every word that proceeds from Your mouth.  Search me Father and show me my iniquity, reveal to me how I sin against you, and then, in Your great mercy, grant me repentance that I may turn from my sin and embrace You.  Help me to be reconciled to others as I have been reconciled to You.  Help me to remember the impossibility of Your forgiveness of my manifold transgressions so that my heart is filled with gratitude.   May I be quick to forgive others in response to that gratitude.   Do not abandon me to temptation for I am weak.  Do not let me succumb for I am powerless in my own strength.   Rescue me from the evil one.  Help me to resist his assaults.  Deliver me from his power, his snares, his lies, his temptations.

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