This Is My Body (Part 7)

remembranceofmeAt the beginning of this series, I said that the Lord’s Supper is significant because in it God is offering us the solution to our most pervasive human problem, and that is the problem of brokenness. Because Jesus is the unbroken One who came near and swallowed up all of our brokenness in himself, he is able to heal us and make us “unbroken” again. So the way that God offers the solution to our brokenness in the Supper is by offering Jesus himself. In the Supper, God is saying, “Come and receive my Son. I gave him up for you. Feed on him. Depend on him. Know that he is everything that you need. Come and receive life from the One who gave his body to be broken for you.”

In the Supper, God is reminding us that everything has already been accomplished to heal our brokenness. Nothing further needs to be done except to receive Jesus in faith. Have you done this? Have you come face-to-face with your brokenness and realized that you will never be able to heal yourself? Look to the one who was broken so that you can be healed. Look to the one who gave himself as a substitute for you, and proved his commitment to you by pouring out his blood.

If you have trusted in Jesus, then my plea to you is to cherish the Lord’s Supper for the wonderful gift from God that it is. God is speaking to us very loudly in the Supper. He is preaching the gospel not only to our ears, but also to our eyes and to our mouths, so that we will be able to comprehend the precious and wonderful gift that he has given us in Jesus. The Supper is a tremendous gift—so let us open it and treasure it!

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