To know Elohim is to love Him

ElohimGenesis 1:1
In the beginning, Elohim…
The first revelation of God in the Bible tells us a lot about Him. And since this is the very first description of Him in the Bible, it must be very important for us to understand.

  1. The word Elohim has at its root El which denotes strength, might and power.
  2. He is outside of time. He transcends all things (limitless). He is eternal. In the beginning, God already was.
  3. God is preeminent. He is uncontested, more important, better, of the highest rank and greatest dignity. He is above all things, superior in every way, surpassing all things because all things were created by Him, by His power.
  4. He is self-existent. He is the cause and has no cause.
  5. He is self-sufficient. He is complete. He needs nothing and depends on no one. We can give Him nothing. We can add nothing to Him.
  6. He is unique. He is separate from creation. He is autonomous.
  7. God is the absolute sovereign. He has authority over everything. He spoke and it was. He answers to no one and no thing. He is inescapable.
  8. God is powerful. He brought everything into existence, from nothing, by the power of His word alone.
  9. He is creative. All of creation came from His mind and imagination.
  10. He is good. Everything He created was pleasing.
  11. He is orderly.   There is no chaos in creation, it was an ordered process.
  12. He is omniscient. He rested from all that He created suggesting that He accomplished in creation all that there was to accomplish in creation.
  13. He is merciful and generous. He created mankind so that we can enjoy Him, know Him, have intimacy with Him. He has revealed Himself to us as eternal, self-sufficient, all sufficient, all powerful and absolutely sovereign so that we can know the God we serve and live in that knowledge.

So then, believer, in light of this knowledge:

  1. Whom or what shall we fear?
  2. On whom should we depend?
  3. Where and what can we hide from God?
  4. What does God not know?
  5. What does He lack?

God, you are above all things, before all things, creator of everything that was created. You are sovereign over all things. Nothing happens in our lives or to our loved ones without your knowledge and express consent. We have nothing to fear except for you. And fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Because of you, because of your revelation of yourself to us, we know that all good and pleasing things come from you. We know we cannot hide from you, you know everything about everything. You have always known everything. You exist outside of time and space. You are uncontainable. You are inexhaustible. You are unsearchable. You are incredible. And you, Father, desire for us to know you, to love you, to have intimacy with you, the creator of the universe. Not because you need us, not because we give you anything, not because you are incomplete, but because knowing you is to have eternal life. It is good for us to know you. It is profitable, it is exciting, it is satisfying, it is wonderful.

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